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Why Do Lizards Follow Me?

If you have noticed lizards following you it may make you feel uncomfortable or even curious about why…

Why Do Lizards Follow Me?

A lizard following you could be a good sign depending on your belief system, as some believe that the presence of lizards either following you or in your line of sight is a good sign. However, wild lizards following you could potentially be dangerous depending on their size and the type of lizard it is.

Some lizards will follow people to intimidate them, and if it doesn’t work, they could potentially attack you. On the other hand, some lizards that live in areas where they’ve become accustomed to human activity may not be afraid of you at all. Instead, it might follow you because it’s hoping you’ll share a snack or it’s simply just intrigued by you.

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing A Lizard?

A green and gray chameleon on a persons hand eating a brown insect.

A green and gray chameleon on a person’s hand eating a brown insect.

The presence of lizards has been attributed to many meanings and forms of symbolism, from spiritual to cultural. Some tales and myths mention that seeing lizards is a symbol of good luck awaiting you in the future, while others say the constant sight of lizards is either a sign of impending evil or bad luck.

A lizard that seems to always interrupt the paths you are walking on could be their way of advising you of potential upcoming challenges, which could either be positive or negative depending on your perspective.

What Is Lizard Symbolism?

Lizards have had a range of symbolism attached to them throughout various cultures. For example, inspiration has been found in a lizard’s ability to remove its tail and regrow it as a defense mechanism. To some, this is a symbol of how small sacrifices can have a major impact in the long run.

The hibernation process that lizards go through lends itself to seasonal symbolism. As lizards emerge, so too does spring, and with that comes new life and new opportunities. Many cultures have also seen the lizard as a symbol of healing.

Different kinds of lizards, of which there are numerous, can also hold many symbolic meanings for people.

Is It Normal For A Lizard To Follow You?

It’s normal for lizards to follow you if they either see you as threatening and invading their space or if they see you as a potential food source. This is likely if you’re carrying food and they happen to sense it. If you’re out and happen to stumble upon a lizard dwelling, they might follow you to scare you off, regardless of their size.

Some lizards have quite a keen sense of smell. Therefore, if something about you smells enticing or inviting to them, they might follow you. Lizards kept at home as pets may follow you around as well because they like you.

Is It OK To Touch A Lizard That Follows You?

It’s not recommended that you touch a wild lizard that is following you. Smaller lizards will often run away and hide before you have the chance to catch them. Larger ones are likely following you because they see you as potential prey, so trying to touch them could be putting you in harm’s way.

No matter the circumstance, you should also approach lizards slowly and read their visual cues before you decide to touch them.

Do Lizards Interact With Humans?

A brown bearded dragon on a persons hand.

A brown bearded dragon on a person’s hand.

Lizards do seem to enjoy being around humans that they know are going to take care of them, and seem to like receiving strokes and pets. Furthermore, pet lizards will often keep tabs on what you’re doing when you’re in the same room, seemingly taking an interest.

How often and in what manner a lizard will interact with humans will all depend on their personality, as well as their experience with humans.

What If A Lizard Is Staring At You?

Lizards are known to stare at people, which can be quite unnerving when you happen upon one in a chance encounter. This staring could mean many different things depending on the circumstances. A lizard might maintain eye contact if they’re afraid of you.

They want to ensure that they can defend themselves and their family if they get too close.

As mentioned, some lizards are genuinely intrigued by watching humans go about their day. As a result, you might notice that your lizard’s eyes follow you as you make your way around the room. Be sure you acknowledge them with a friendly smile if you’re looking to grow a closer bond with your lizard.

Do Lizards Remember You?

It’s believed that lizards will remember people that they see often, as well as people who have them in their homes. When someone is responsible for feeding and general care, the lizard will associate that person with those positive traits.

It has been confirmed under limited study that lizards will show their owners that they recognize them or remember them when they come close or come in their line of vision, often with subtle visual cues.

Do Lizards Fear Humans?

Lizards can be fearful of humans that they aren’t familiar with, though not all of them will show expected fear responses. For instance, one might not expect a lizard to follow someone they are fearful of, but as mentioned, they might do this to scare you off.

Many lizards, especially wild lizards, and smaller lizards will often find the closest place to hide and scurry off to hide. Lizards that are used to humans in their vicinity may not get as scared.

Are Lizards Friendly?

Some lizards are known to be friendly, while others don’t want anything to do with humans. As with most animals, it will all depend on the individual lizard you are interacting with. Domesticated lizards or lizards that dwell in populous areas will likely be much more tolerant of humans than wild lizards.

When it comes to raising a lizard at home, lizards will often be friendly should you care for them appropriately. Some lizards are even known to show affection towards their humans. Many lizards also tend to look quite friendly and approachable with their big smiles.


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