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Hi, this is me with my daughter and my Lizard friend. I hope you enjoy my research. Please feel free to check out my "About Me" page to find out more about me.

Why Do Lizards Follow Me?

If you have noticed lizards following you it may make you feel uncomfortable or even curious about why… Why Do Lizards Follow Me? A lizard following you could be a good sign depending on your belief system, as some believe that the presence of lizards either following you or in your line of sight is […]

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Why Do Lizards Fall From Ceiling?

If you have noticed a lizard falling from the ceiling you may wonder why this even happens… Why Do Lizards Fall From The Ceiling? Lizards often fall from the ceiling while engaged in some other kind of activity, whether it be when they are mating or when they’re in the midst of a battle. They […]

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Why Do Lizards Freeze?

If you researching Lizards, or just curious, you may wonder about the temperature affects them and why they may freeze… Why Do Lizards Freeze? Lizards freeze when they are subjected to very cold temperatures for a long period. If the temperature falls below a range in a lizard can withstand, their bodies will essentially shut […]

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Why Do Lizards Fight Each Other?

If you are researching lizards, or just curious, chances are you may have wondered what motivates them to fight… Why do lizards fight each other Not all lizards are guaranteed to get along – even, sometimes, with their species! Lizards can fight for different reasons, though most often it is about territorial dominance or for […]

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How Do You Know If a Lizard Is Too Cold?

If you are preparing for a new lizard, or just curious about them, you may wonder how you can be sure if it’s the right temperature… How do you know if a lizard is too cold? When lizards get cold, they slow down, and this behavior is called diapause. By reducing bodily function, a reptile […]

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Do Female Lizards Have Dewlaps?

If you have seen a dewlap on a lizard before, and are interested in them, you may wonder if it’s just reserved for male lizards, or if females can have them too… Do Female Lizards Have Dewlaps? Yes, they do, but they are much smaller and often the same color as the female’s skin and […]

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Why Do Lizards Fall?

If you have had a lizard fall on you, or are just curious about them, you may wonder why they fall… Why Do Lizards Fall? Many lizards are equipped for climbing, with ‘spatulae’, which are essentially micro-hair covered adhesive pads, on their feet. While they have the ability to climb, this doesn’t always mean that […]

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Is Loud Music Bad For Lizards? (Or Do They Love It?)

If you have a lizard or thinking of getting one, you may be wondering about its environment and specifically how music might affect it… Is loud music bad for lizards? Calmer, less-abrupt sounds are a pleasant experience for many lizards, but sounds that come abruptly are much more likely to stress them out than to […]

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Why Is My Bearded Dragon Chirping?

If you have noticed that your bearded dragon is chirping you may be wondering why and if you should be concerned… Why Is My Bearded Dragon Chirping? While it could be a ‘hiccup’, if you start hearing chirping at a regular pace, then this could be a warning sign of an upper respiratory infection. Bearded […]

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Can Lizards Swim In Pools?

If you have a swimming pool and a pet lizard you my be concerned, or worried that it will fall in. But can they survive if thi happens?  Can Lizards Swim In Pools? Yes! While pools are dangerous for lizards because it’s hard for them to get out, they are quite adept at swimming. Their […]

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