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Hi, this is me with my daughter and my Lizard friend. I hope you enjoy my research. Please feel free to check out my "About Me" page to find out more about me.

Why Do Lizards Fall?

If you have had a lizard fall on you, or are just curious about them, you may wonder why they fall… Why Do Lizards Fall? Many lizards are equipped for climbing, with ‘spatulae’, which are essentially micro-hair covered adhesive pads, on their feet. While they have the ability to climb, this doesn’t always mean that […]

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Is Loud Music Bad For Lizards? (Or Do They Love It?)

If you have a lizard or thinking of getting one, you may be wondering about its environment and specifically how music might affect it… Is loud music bad for lizards? Calmer, less-abrupt sounds are a pleasant experience for many lizards, but sounds that come abruptly are much more likely to stress them out than to […]

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Why Is My Bearded Dragon Chirping?

If you have noticed that your bearded dragon is chirping you may be wondering why and if you should be concerned… Why Is My Bearded Dragon Chirping? While it could be a ‘hiccup’, if you start hearing chirping at a regular pace, then this could be a warning sign of an upper respiratory infection. Bearded […]

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Can Lizards Swim In Pools?

If you have a swimming pool and a pet lizard you my be concerned, or worried that it will fall in. But can they survive if thi happens?  Can Lizards Swim In Pools? Yes! While pools are dangerous for lizards because it’s hard for them to get out, they are quite adept at swimming. Their […]

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​​Do Lizards Breathe Through Their Nose?

If you are a fan of lizards, or just interested, you may be wondering how and where they breathe from…  Do lizards breathe through their nose? Yes, lizards do breathe through their noses. They draw in the air much the same way as you’d expect, by drawing air into their nose, where it passes through […]

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Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? (Nutrition or Survival?)

If you are researching lizards, or just crurious, you may be wondering why some choose to eat crickets… Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? Lizards eat crickets for a number of reasons such as their nutritional value, out of instinct and for survival. Nt all lizards eat crickets, such as herbivores. But, even those that do, […]

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Are House Lizards Poisonous? (Or Just Rumors?)

If you have seen a house lizard, or have one, you may be wondering if they are poisonous or dangerous… Are house lizards poisonous? House lizards are not poisonous or venomous. However, they are known to bite in self-defense but the bites are not usually that bad. But, they are known, like most lizards, to […]

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