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Hi, this is me with my daughter and my Lizard friend. I hope you enjoy my research. Please feel free to check out my "About Me" page to find out more about me.

Do Geckos Eat Cockroaches? Everything You Need to Know

Geckos are fascinating creatures that are known for their unique ability to climb vertical surfaces and their distinctive appearance. They are also popular pets, with many people keeping them in their homes. One question that often comes up when it comes to geckos is whether or not they eat cockroaches. The answer to this question […]

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Do lizards spit venom?

Actually, not venom, but chameleons do have a viscous spit that they use when hunting their prey. It’ about 400 times more viscous than a human’s, but it is certainly not poisonous. As far as venomous lizards, there are two poisonous species, those being the Mexican beaded lizard and the Gila monster. Monitor lizards also […]

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