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Why is a Komodo Dragon Called a Dragon?

Komodo Dragons are often ridiculed for their name. Many people wonder where their name came from and if they are even really lizards. For this reason, I will explain where they actually got there name from. Why is a Komodo dragon called a dragon? When they were first discovered, they were known to have “dragon-like” […]

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What is Safe Wood for reptile enclosures?

Using wood a substrate for your reptile is quite common. But, you have to be careful because not all wood can be used. If you choose the wrong one, it can cause health issues for your reptile. What is safe wood for an animal enclosure? Shredded Aspen and Cypress Mulch is a good safe wood […]

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Gila Monster Temperament (Are They Dangerous?)

Many people are curious about Gila Monsters, mainly because they are deemed as dangerous venomous lizards. However, what is their Behaviour really like? What is the Gila Monsters Temperament like? In general, they are quite relaxed, solitary lizards. In fact, it tends to shy away from human contact due to fear. However, they do have […]

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Do Lizards Eat Cockroaches? (& Pictures)

Cockroaches are usually a big pain, some people will try using a number of remedies to get rid of them, but can lizards help? This question intrigued me. On paper it makes sense, but let’s see if they do eat roaches and if they can be a viable help for this. Do Lizards Eat Cockroaches? […]

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Why Do House Lizards Make Noise?

House Gekos are known to make a lot of weird noises. These noises intrigued me, and I wondered why they actually make these noises and what type of noises they actually make. Let me explain more. Why do house geckos make noise? To mark their territory or attract the attention of females. House Geckos are […]

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Do Anole Lizards Chirp?

After hearing the chirping sounds of a Lizard, you may be concerned or interested to know if Anole Lizards Chirp (Click here to see why these are the best 7 substrates for Anoles). Maybe you are considering picking one up as a pet or just interested. I was also interested in the answer to this, […]

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