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9 Reasons Why Lizards Are Good Pets (+ Pics & Vids)

If you are considering getting a lizard as your family pet, you may be curious about what the benefits are. Or the reasons why others have done this. Let me explain.

Why are lizards good pets? Easy to look after. In comparison to other pets, lizards are quite easy to look after. Especially when it comes to feeding them. Obviously, there are some issues with some people who are a little bit squeamish around insects.

With that issue aside you can find insects and other vegetables that they use in various pet shops or even easily online.

Let me explain 9 reasons why people keep lizards as pets:

01. They like watching what you’re doing

One thing that I like about lizards is, as you walk past their enclosure or in their vicinity, they are always interested in what you’re doing. This is a good feeling as a pet owner.

02. Helps to teach your children responsibility

There are many benefits of having a lizard as a pet. One, in particular, is allowing your children to earn some responsibility, let me explain.

You can start them off with simple duties like providing a bowl of water for the lizard or preparing the food for them, even if it’s just some veggies.

This small task will give them some ownership and accountability. It will start the road to them becoming a responsible adult.

03. Will help children become more confident

Looking after a pet lizard or even just helping out with some agreed tasks, as discussed earlier, will add to them feeling more confident.

If they do this small job well, such as providing water on a daily basis, then they can start to feel confident in themselves and then gradually be awarded more involved tasks.

This can lead to good personal development. Later on down the line possibly helping and creating an income for themselves.

04. Gives children another person to talk to

As a father of two children, I know how much children love to talk. And if I am honest, I am not a big talker. I am very much a person that likes to keep myself to myself and have my own space.

Having a pet lizard is a great way for your child to express itself and talk at no end. It will always be attentive and always be a listener. This is good for a child that’s got a lot to say.

05. Easy to maintain

Unlike dogs, you do not need to walk a lizard on a daily basis for them to get exercise and go to the toilet. Most lizards in captivity are happy to stay in their enclosure. This makes it easy for you to maintain.

In fact, most lizards do not need to be taken out of the enclosure at all. As long as you’re prepared to do the minimum maintenance required, such as cleaning out their enclosure on a regular basis and providing food, they are happy and easily maintainable.

06. No Fur to worry about

Many people in our Society today suffer from allergies. I also have a son that has many allergies. We have to be careful what food we give him, what we put around him. For example, cat fur can be a problem for him.

With lizards, this is not an issue. They have no fur and there is no risk of the dust mites building up.

However, if you do have children or family members that do have allergies related to fur. You still need to be careful about what substrate you choose for your lizard. To make sure that it is compliant with their allergies.

07. Do not require a lot of Food

The good thing about lizards is they really do not need a large amount of food to keep them happy.

Being cold-blooded animals with low metabolism rates they don’t need to consume large amounts of food. Especially in comparison to a pet dog.

Obviously, as discussed earlier, there are some people that are a bit squeamish about insects. But, if you can get past this then it is really not an issue.

Also, if this is a big problem for you. You can also consider getting a herbivore lizard. They can eat vegetables, fruits as well as insects.

08. Long life spans

On average lizards live a long time. Sometimes greater than 20 years and even more.

When compared to the lifespan of a hamster, for example, which could be as short as a couple of years. Or even worse, fish.

For example, my son has some fish and we find that we having to replace them on an annual basis or even less.

So, lizards can be a good long-term family pet. Just keep this in mind. They are not a good option if you are just interested in a short term pet, they are a lifetime commitment.

Another benefit of their long life span is, it usually means that there’s always a good source of lizards that are looking to be rehomed from other families that may have a change in circumstances.

09. Happy to stay home alone

The great thing about lizards, you don’t need to worry about going to work and leaving them unattended. Or staying out overnight. For example, at a friend’s house or for a weekend.

We all know if you have a dog you cannot just up and go without pre-planning and organizing a sitter. Or at least someone to come in periodically and check on him.

With a lizard, you could literally have this pet in your home and no one would even know it’s there because it will happily get along with things. As long as you make sure that it has access to water and food that is.

10. They don’t need walks or training

As briefly discussed, lizards are nothing like dogs. They don’t need to be trained on how to use the toilet and they do not need regular walks.

If you have a very demanding career and having a dog or a cat is a problem for you, then the lizard is a perfect answer for this.

However, I would like to emphasize that you can not completely ignore the lizard and neglect it. It does need some of your attention. But in comparison to other pets, like the pet dog, it is a big difference.

Related questions:

Q: What are the easiest lizards to take care of?

The first one is the leopard gecko (click for full care sheet). This lizard is easily one of the most popular reptile pets in general. It is a real hardy lizard that is easy to get along with. This is because of the easy maintenance required for it and also because of its lovable temperament.

The bearded dragon

The bearded dragon (click for full care guide) is another popular lizard amongst pet owners. It is loved because of its docile, laid-back behavior. It is also a good size, being relatively small, for a beginner to look after.

Q: Do lizards stink?

Yes, some do. In theory, they shouldn’t. Let’s look at it, they don’t need to urinate to mark their territory, they do not have any noticeable sweat problems and they’re not highly active reptiles. They also shed infrequently. So, you would expect them not to really have any issues with smell.

However, in reality, the bearded dragon has been known to create some orders within its enclosure. Obviously, they are still very popular pets. And if you look after them well and maintain the enclosure then you can deal with this problem. It’s not a deal breaker problem.

Q: Can pet lizards carry diseases?

Yes, they can do. Some lizards are commonly known for carrying Salmonella. This is something that can be passed on by contact.

Therefore it is advised that pets, such as cats and dogs, be careful if they attempt to eat these wild lizards. In some cases, it’s important that humans are vigilant when handling wild lizards.


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