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Can Bearded dragons eat clementines?

If you are keen to avoid feeding your Beardie the wrong foods (Click here for my best guide to stop this happening) you are probably keen to see if clementines are a good idea. Can bearded dragons eat Clementines? No, it is not a good idea to give bearded dragons clementines. The reason being, it contains […]

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How Long Do Panther Chameleons Live?

If you are a fan of panther chameleons you may be wondering how long they live, and the best way to care for them (Click here to see my best enclosures for Panther Chameleons to keep them happy), but how long can they live? How long do panther Chameleons live? They live 7 to 8 […]

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turkey? (Bad Idea?)

If you are a fan of beardie’s like me, you will be keen to offer them the right food (Click here to see what foods they should eat, and what to avoid), but what about meats such as Turkey?… Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turkey? No, it’s not recommended. The reason is it has very little […]

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Bearded Dragon Throat Pouch: What’s it for?

If you are keen to understand your beardie (Click here for more ways to understand your bearded dragon) then you may wonder what that throat pouch on their head is and what it’s used for. Let me explain… What is the Bearded Dragons throat pouch for? It is used for a number of reasons such […]

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Do Bearded dragons eat banana?

If you are a bearded dragon fan and you want to make sure you do things right (click here for my best guide for bearded dragons) you may be wondering if they can eat a banana. Let me explain… Do bearded dragons eat bananas? Yes, bearded dragons do eat a banana. However, you need to […]

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