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Can Lizards Swim In Pools?

If you have a swimming pool and a pet lizard you my be concerned, or worried that it will fall in. But can they survive if thi happens?  Can Lizards Swim In Pools? Yes! While pools are dangerous for lizards because it’s hard for them to get out, they are quite adept at swimming. Their […]

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​​Do Lizards Breathe Through Their Nose?

If you are a fan of lizards, or just interested, you may be wondering how and where they breathe from…  Do lizards breathe through their nose? Yes, lizards do breathe through their noses. They draw in the air much the same way as you’d expect, by drawing air into their nose, where it passes through […]

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Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? (Nutrition or Survival?)

If you are researching lizards, or just crurious, you may be wondering why some choose to eat crickets… Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? Lizards eat crickets for a number of reasons such as their nutritional value, out of instinct and for survival. Nt all lizards eat crickets, such as herbivores. But, even those that do, […]

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Are House Lizards Poisonous? (Or Just Rumors?)

If you have seen a house lizard, or have one, you may be wondering if they are poisonous or dangerous… Are house lizards poisonous? House lizards are not poisonous or venomous. However, they are known to bite in self-defense but the bites are not usually that bad. But, they are known, like most lizards, to […]

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Why Do Lizards Eat Their Skin? (Nutrition or Instinct?)

If you have see your pet lizard eat its own skin you ma be shocked, or wondering why this happens… Why do lizards eat their skin? Lizards eat their skin for several reasons such as its nutritional benefits, helps them grow new skin, and comes naturally to them (instinct). Regarding the latter, instinct, they don’t […]

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What Do Pygmy Short-horned lizards eat? (Insects or Veg?)

If you are interested or researching pygmy short-horned lizards you may be wondering what they eat, and other facts about them… What do pygmy short-horned lizards eat? Pygmy short-horned lizards are classed as insectivores and mainly eat ants and beetles. Ants are mostly sufficient to provide most of their dietary needs. Most pygmy lizards have […]

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Are Baby Lizards Dangerous? (Killers or Teddy Bears?)

If you are researching lizards, or just interested, you may be wondering if their babies are dangerous… Are baby lizards dangerous? Some baby lizards, such as a Gila Monster, or the Mexican Beaded Lizard, are venomous and technically dangerous. However, most lizards found in domestic homes are not. They may still bite but unless it […]

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