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Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? (Nutrition or Survival?)

If you are researching lizards, or just crurious, you may be wondering why some choose to eat crickets… Why Do Lizards Eat Crickets? Lizards eat crickets for a number of reasons such as their nutritional value, out of instinct and for survival. Nt all lizards eat crickets, such as herbivores. But, even those that do, […]

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Are House Lizards Poisonous? (Or Just Rumors?)

If you have seen a house lizard, or have one, you may be wondering if they are poisonous or dangerous… Are house lizards poisonous? House lizards are not poisonous or venomous. However, they are known to bite in self-defense but the bites are not usually that bad. But, they are known, like most lizards, to […]

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