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Lizard Falls on Left Foot – What Happens?

Have you ever heard about Lizard Astrology and some of the common beliefs and effects a Lizard has? Well, there is a particular one that got my attention, about what will happen if a Lizard falls on your left foot. Let me give you the detail on that.

If a Lizard Falls on your Left Foot, What Happens? It is believed in Lizard Astrology that bad times are ahead if this happens. This is strongly believed by a collective of Hindu’s. However, it has never been proven if it will actually happen.

Now you know what will happen if a lizard falls on your left foot. Let me explain what will happen in many more situations. For example, what happens if it falls on your head? Let explain more and also where these beliefs came from.

Why do people believe that strange things will happen if a lizard falls on them?

This is all part of lizard astrology which is part of the Hindu beliefs. It is believed, by the Hindus, that depending on what position a “Chipkali” (Indian word for common house lizard) falls on you, a combination of different things can happen.

There is an understanding that there are different outcomes depending on if the lizard is male or female (more on this later in the article).

It is not been proven if these things can really happen, so it’s really down to your beliefs. So let’s look at the effects of these lizards now:

Where do these Beliefs Come From?

Gowli Pathana Shastra is a part of the astrology that outlines these perceived effects from Lizards falling on the individual. They are found in the Gowli Panchangam.

Effects of a Lizard falling on You

In this section, I will list each body part that a Lizard can fall on. Then I will explain what is believed will happen if the lizard falls on that body part.

This first section is focussed solely on the effects on a man. I will explain the effects on women in a different section later in this article.

Effects on Men:

  1. The head: If it lands on a man’s head, it’s believed that there will be some kind of conflict or clash to be expected in the near future.
  2. Top of the Head: Start to feel weirdly paranoid of Death.
  3. On the Face: Likely to come into some financial gain.
  4. Left of the Eye: You should expect some great news to come.
  5. Right of the Eye: – Likely to lose something important or be unsuccessful. E.g. maybe you will not get the job you were hoping for.
  6. On the Forehead: You will become distant with a loved one, maybe some form of separation.
  7. Right of the Cheek – Expect some bad news to come your way.
  8. Left of the Ear: Expect some unexpected boost of income. Maybe a financial windfall?
  9. Upper Part of the Lip: Expect to get into some kind of argument.
  10. Lower Part of the Lip: Money is coming your way, get ready!
  11. On Both of the lips: Expect bad news of someone passing away.
  12. On the Mouth: Paranoid about a health condition.
  13. The left side of the back: Expect some great victory or win.
  14. Wrist: – Expect to get some improvements in your beauty.
  15. Arm – Expect some Failure in the form of financial loss.
  16. Fingers – Good chance you will meet old friends/acquaintances.
  17. Right of the Arm – Expect some type of  Issue or Trouble to come your way.
  18. Left of the Arm – You may soon feel shame.
  19. On your  Thighs – You can expect to lose some clothing.
  20. Mustache – Expect some difficult challenges in the near future.
  21. On your Foot – Expect Difficult times in the near future.
  22. Back of your Foot – Prepare yourself for a long Journey.
  23. Toes – Health Issues could be coming your way.

Effect on Women:

  • On the Head – Become afraid of death.
  • On your Hair Knot – Start to feel paranoid about health issues.
  • On the Left Eye – Expect some love from a man of your dreams.
  • On the right eye – Expect some form of mental stress.
  • On the Right Cheek – Expect a Baby boy to be born.
  • Upper Right side of Ear – Expect a financial windfall.
  • On the Upper Lip – Prepare yourself for disputes.
  • On the Lower Lip – Expect to get new things.
  • Both of the Lips – An argument or conflict is on the way.
  • On the Backside – Could be news of death on the way.
  • On the Nails – Expect a difference of opinion or personal friction.
  • On the Hands – A financial windfall is on the way.
  • On the Left Hand – Stressful times could be on their way.
  • On the Fingers – You will be getting ornaments.
  • On the Right Arm – Romance could be in the near future.
  • On your Shoulders – You will be getting ornaments.
  • On the Thighs – Romance could be in the near future.
  • On the Knees – Expect someone to have a crush on you.
  • On the Ankle – Expect some life challenges.
  • Calf Muscle of the leg – Some visitors will be expected.
  • The Right leg – You will face some loss or defeat.
  • On the Toes – Expect the birth of a baby boy.

Related Questions:

Q: What is Hindu Astrology?

Hindu Astrology is more commonly known as Jyotishya. It is also referred to as “Vedic Astrology”. This term has only been used recently, since the 1970s. But is more commonly recognized today.

Hindu Astrology is taken very seriously in India. In fact, you can even get a university degree on this topic. There was a court judgment back in the early 2000s that ruled in favor of Hindu Astrology, giving the green light for this to happen.

Q: What is the difference between Vedic and Western Based Astrology?

The main difference is, Vedic Astrology is based on a diamond-shaped chart as opposed to the wheel based model used with Western Astrology. The Vedic astrology is also based on the Lunar calendar and in conjunction with the Sidereal zodiac.

It is important to acknowledge that Vedic Astrology is not the only one recognized in India. In fact, there is:

  • KP Astrology
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • and more.

Q: Are these Lizard Falling Outcomes Really Just Superstition?

In India, they are taken very seriously. However, in general, in the western world, many would regard them as superstition and not likely to be real. In relaity, it comes down to your beliefs. Some people say that even if what is predicted actually happens, it is really only based on luck.

Q: What other Lizard Myths are associated with Lizards?

There are a number of different lizard related myths in Hinduism. Again, it is based on the individuals’ beliefs, but here is an example of this:

“Chirping” or “Ticking’ Lizard during a conversation

It is believed that if you are engaged in conversation with someone and a lizard is heard “Chirping” or “Ticking” at the same time, it is believed that they are telling the truth.

This is linked back to the mythical story of a daughter-in-law of Varahmihir (an astrologer). She was believed to very truthful, in fact, whatever she said was deemed to be truthful.

So much so, that some of her predictions would embarrass and contradict her father in law. And as a consequence of this, she was asked to cut off her tongue to save him the embarrassment.

It is believed that she did as she was asked and removed her tongue. This tongue was then allegedly eaten by a lizard. This is where the link to the lizards comes from.

So, to this day it is beleived that when the common lizard (Chikali) makes this sound during the conversation it is believed to be true.

This is one of many different related superstitions linked to lizards that Hindus believe. Again, many in the western world are intrigued but many are unsure of how real it is. But it is taken seriously in India.


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