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What If a Lizard Falls On Your Right Foot? (What Now?)

If a lizard has fallen on your right foot, and you are superstitious, you may be wondering what the outcome will be…

What if a lizard falls on your right foot?

If a lizard falls on your right foot, In Hindu astrology, this has the general meaning that you will face a challenging period. But interpretations vary depending on whether you’re a man or a woman and what area of the foot where the lizard lands on.

So, now you know. But, does the foot it lands on make a difference? Is this regarded as a bad omen? Are there any other lizard superstitions? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

The challenges with the lizard falling Interpretations

These readings come with a host of nuances and intricacies. For instance, if it doesn’t fall, but touches your right foot, you’ll receive blessings for the whole day.

A lizard that falls and moves upward is an omen of coming improvements to your life, again depending on what body part is moves to.

Is a lizard falling on your right foot a bad omen?

What if lizard falls on right foot?

A lizard falling on your right food is a bad omen. Whether a man or woman, some challenge is coming into your life, like illness or defeat. But other aspects of this fated incident can alter the forecast.

Does the gender of the person affect the outcome?

Gender does affect the outcome. In fact, it is the main determiner for the predicted outcome when a lizard falls on your right foot. Many specifics go into understanding the interpretation.

Men’s Meanings

For men, it’s a good sign for money and prosperity. But if it’s on your toes, expect a physical illness, tension, or life-threatening danger.

If it falls between your big and small toes, a vacation with family is on the horizon. A lizard landing on the back of your foot means you should make preparations for a long-distance journey.

When the lizard lands between your foot and ankle, your wife’s might die soon. But if the lizard lands on your feet and moves toward your head, you will experience wealth and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.

If it lands on your right foot and goes over to the left side of your body, all kinds of deprivation is forecast.

Women’s Interpretations

If you’re a woman, you will face a challenging period, with the right leg, in general, denoting some failures and defeats. But if it lands on your toes, you will give birth to a male child. Likewise, if the lizard falls on your right calf, expect company to arrive soon.

Does it matter if the lizard falls on your left or right foot?

It does matter if it’s right or your left foot (Click here to see this outcome). However, the only time it won’t matter which foot the lizard falls on is during the nighttime.

The interpretation is neutral and will not have any significance either way. But, if you’re a man with a lizard falling on both left and right feet at some point in the day, you will soon experience danger.

Is a Chipkali falling the same as a “Lizard” falling?

Chipkali or Lizard falling is the same thing. Because “Chipkali” means “Lizard” in Hindi, the main language spoken within Indian culture. It’s actually the name for a gecko, often seen in many households throughout India.

What segment of Indian astrology does this belief come from?

According to ancient Indian tradition, lizards falling on various parts of the body has a rich history of detailed interpretations. The Tamil Brahmins call the general interpretation of a lizard falling on a human palli vizhum palan in. This activity indicates divination for the near future and is mostly practiced in the region of Kerala.

These interpretations have foundations in mythology and given by the Gowli Pathana Shastra segment of Vedic or Hindu Astrology. The shastra is the specific sect responsible for the wisdom behind the interpretation of falling lizards.

How are these Indian astrology outcomes predicted?

The person’s gender is the first determining factor which is then followed by the time of day and the lizard’s activity. These and other details layout expected outcomes and foretell the difference between favorable circumstances or ultimate doom.

Factors ; Details

If your interaction with a lizard takes on a synergistic experience, seek the advice of a professional to help with precise details and nuances. The Gowli Pathana Shastra have come up with many reasons why they fall in combination with other characteristics surrounding the lizard itself.

There are more than 65 points involved that go into determining interpretations. With so many details, anyone serious about understanding the signs should consult with someone versed in this astrolgy.

The following is a small list of some of the things used to determine the meaning of a lizard falling on a human:

  • the lizard’s coloring
  • whether the lizard has stripes or not
  • if there are any spots on the lizard
  • twittering or chirping of the lizard
  • what part of the body the lizard falls on
  • where the lizard travels to on the body once it falls
  • what the gender is of the person interacting with the lizard
  • how large or small the lizard is
  • how young or old the lizard is
  • if the lizard leaves behind fecal matter (black bad, white good)
  • if the lizard is eating anything at the time it falls
  • what time of day the lizard-falling incident occurs

Is this Astrology based on Hinduism or cultural superstition?

This astrological practice isn’t codified in any official texts or scriptures in traditional Hinduism. But there is an astrological manuscript, called the “Muhurat Martand” that indicates what is auspicious when a lizard lands on the body.

This practice of lizard omens is part of accepted cultural norms, making it something of superstition. But common people around India hold it in high regard. It’s an ancient practice that’s survived the course of centuries and passed down through generations.

Are there any other lizard superstitions in Europe?

Europe has many old superstitions associated with lizards, many of which spell bad luck or portend coming misfortune.

For example, if a bride sees a lizard on the way to her wedding, it means she will never be happy in this union. But in places like France, it’s a good omen for a lizard to be near any woman, giving her the gift of adroitness. In other areas, seeing a lizard means you’ll undergo an epic voyage.

Among the ancient Celts and Gauls, a lizard was what they called a salamander and represented the element of fire.

The Irish and Scottish thought these creatures to be from fairy realms, believing they were actually fairies disguised as lizards. Human interactions could be good or bad omens depending on the temperament of the fairy.

What would happen if you stomped on a lizard with your right foot?

Stomping on a lizard with your right foot is going to be bad, no matter which way you slice it. It will kill or severely harm the creature. This is a cruel act of thoughtlessness and selfishness, which is the hallmark of a bad, evil character.

According to Hindu astrology, killing or harming a lizard will invite danger that even your progeny will not be able to escape. Some people even believe that it will place a curse on you and your family; a curse you will not be able to rid yourself of.

The best way to keep good luck and avoid bad omens is to conduct yourself in ways that align with the earth, the natural order of things, and universal law. Harming any creatures, including other humans, will not do you any favors.


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