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What If a Lizard Falls On The Head of a Male?

If you are interested in the Indian lizard astrology then you may be wondering what will happen if a lizard falls on a man’s head…

What If a Lizard Falls On The Head of a Male?

If a lizard falls onto the head of a male it is foreseen as a bad omen. This means a quarrel or dispute is likely to happen sometime soon. Any male who has a lizard fall on their head could get into an argument with someone soon.

So, now you know. But, is this regarded as a good omen? Do all Hindus believe in this lizard astrology? Does it matter if the lizard falls on a male or female? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Are these lizard predictions part of Indian history?

Lizards have been used throughout Indian history as a way to foretell a person’s fate.

In this context, if a lizard fell on the head of a male in your life it might be a good idea to tread with caution around them for a little while. You won’t want to be on the other end of their dispute.

If a Lizard falls on a Man’s head is it a Good Omen?

What if lizard falls on head for male?

A lizard on a statue’s head.

It is definitely not a good omen if a lizard falls on a man’s head. This could indicate trouble in their future. Also, the area in which the lizard falls on the man’s head foretells a different fate. While some areas affect the man directly, other areas could foretell a loved one’s fate.

Many believe that if a lizard were to fall on the back part of a man’s head, it could be a sign of trouble for one of their maternal uncles. If a lizard falls on the right side of the man’s head, this could mean bad luck for their brother.

What if the lizard falls in the center of the head?

Every area of the body represents a different omen. While falling on the head generally means a quarrel is on the way, a lizard falling directly in the center of a man’s head could be an even worse omen. When a lizard falls in the very center of someone’s head it means they are likely to fall ill from a disease.

Some people who follow Gauli Shastra also believe that if a lizard falls on the crown of the head that it could be a foreshadow for death. However, if the lizard falls on your head but only touches your hair then it’s only a sign of difficulties to come.

Is there a different result for Men and Women?

There is a different result for men and women. For males, it’s always a better omen if the lizard falls on the right side of their body. With females, it’s better luck to have the lizard fall on their left side.

There is a rule of thumb when it comes to lizard falling. Where the lizard falls represents a certain fate, but certain sides of the body are more favorable than others.

What location in India is this Astrology followed?



Lizard falling is a tradition in India and widely trusted to foretell what may happen to a person in the future. It is most popular in Kerala where people are very into Gowli Shastra.

They use the movements of lizards to predict what the future holds. It is even widely believed in their culture that harming a lizard brings bad luck for many generations.

While most of India takes lizard falling seriously, the state of Kerala is very serious about it. Many superstitions are revolving around a lizard’s movements, which goes further than falling on people.

Some people will even cancel a vacation if a lizard falls in front of them on the way because they believe in foresight.

Do all Hindus believe in this form of astrology?

Although lizard falling is well known with Hindus who live all over the world, not every Hindu believes in the omens that are predicted. While ancient lizard falling predicted death upon a man who has a lizard fall on the center of his head, a lot of Hindus laugh it off claiming that it’s the lizard who dies.

Even though lizard falling is popular with Hindu culture, many of them brush it off as an old superstition. Instead, they would rather focus on what is positive in their life rather than what bad things may occur.

Some even believe that lizard falling predictions are just false notions that lead people to worry for no reason.

What if the lizard falls at the back of your head?

According to lizard falling, if one falls on the back of a man’s head it could be a sign that their uncle could have a misfortune. However, if it lands on the tip of the back of their head then it means something way worse.

This is a prediction of death, but it has to hit that particular area called the Brahmarandhra.

This is the point exactly where the parting of your hair ends. To throw more confusion your way, if the lizard were to land on the back part of the Brahmarandhra then it is a sign of good fortune.

Always take this information lightly, as it’s really hard to determine the exact spot the lizard landed when it happens. There’s no sense in getting yourself worried over a superstition.

Does this suspicion make some people fear lizards?

There are plenty of people who fear lizards on their own, but the superstitions have made some people afraid to go in the same room as them.

A lizard falling isn’t just poor balance, it’s usual fate trying to tell you something. On top of this, if you cause any harm to a lizard (even by accident) then it’s an invitation for danger to enter your life.

Some people are even so suspicious about lizards falling that they believe they’ll get a curse put on them if they were to ever kill a lizard.

A lot of people trust lizards because of all the good things they have heard about lizards falling. However, the bad omens have made just as many people fear them.

What is this “Lizard Falling” known as in India?

In India lizard falling is known as Gowli Panchangam, but many people will also call it Lizard Astrology. It is based on an Astrology text called Muhurat Martand which explains all of the effects of lizard falling on different human body parts.

Since there are many negative omens associated with a lizard falling on the head, people should always perform Maha Mrutyunjaya Japam.

This practice is believed to get rid of the negative effects associated with lizard falling. However, some of the less superstitious Hindus believe a thorough cleaning of the area where the lizard landed will wash away the bad omen.

Are lizards considered Haram in Islam?

Lizards don’t gush blood, so it’s not acceptable to eat them in Islam culture. In Islamic culture, people stick to a diet of halal foods, which means permissible to eat.

Haram foods are never accepted because they are considered forbidden or sinful to eat. If an animal doesn’t gush blood when it is chopped their meat is considered haram.

However, this has caused some confusion because in medieval times people it was common for people in desert areas to eat lizards. Even during the beginning of the Islamic Faith, the Prophet Mohammad mentioned that his people ate lizards. He refused to try them although he didn’t condemn those who did.


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