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What Is The Meaning of Lizard Falling on Left Shoulder?

If you are superstitious and a lizard falls on your left shoulder you may be wondering what this means for your future…

What is the meaning of a lizard falling on your left shoulder?

The meaning of a lizard falling on the left shoulder is peace and happiness. Many believe that this is a sign of a positive and harmonious fate. It is also said to be a sign that you have a blissful future ahead of you.

So, now you know. But, where does this belief come from? Is this considered a good omen? Could this just be by chance rather than a sign of your future? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.

Where does this belief come from?

The belief that a lizard falling on certain areas of the body represents a person’s fate is an ancient tradition from India. They have been using the lizard falling as an omen throughout history. There is a segment of Astrology called Gowli Pathana Shastra that is dedicated to what happens when lizards fall on certain body parts.

Even though lizards are very common animals, many people who are in touch with their spiritual side believe that a lizard coming in contact with a human’s body could be a hint at what the future holds

What is this lizard falling Astrology?



Lizard falling Astrology is an astrological text that is well-known, especially in parts of India. It is said that if a lizard falls on any area of a person’s body (except for their chest, stomach, and navel) it’s a sign of a good omen. Each area of the body will represent something different, and where the lizard lands determine their fate.

Many believe that gender plays a role in how these predictions work as well. Apparently, it’s better luck if the lizard falls on the right side of a male’s body and the left side of a female’s.

There is also some belief that if a lizard were to fall on the right side of a female and the left of a male, there could be less than favorable results.

Are Lizards real Astrology?

What is the meaning of lizard falling on left shoulder?

A lizard on the floor.

Lizards aren’t actually a real form of Astrology, but that doesn’t mean that can’t foretell a person’s fate. Real Astrology is different because it is based on how the Sun, Moon, and Planets are in relation with each other, as well as their relation to life on Earth.

The planets’ motions play a major part in how people act according to Astrology.

Animals aren’t used to represent Astrology. However, many Astrological texts use different animals to represent different omens. A lizard is the most common reptile used in India for predicting what a person’s future may hold.

Even though there have been several skeptical critics of this practice throughout the years, people still strongly believe in the lizard.

According to the Muhurat Martand text, is this a good omen?

According to Muhurat Martand’s text when a lizard falls on a person’s left shoulder it is a good omen. This is especially true if the lizard falls on a female. This text states that the predicted fate is more favorable when the lizard falls on the left side of a woman and the right side of a man.

Whether it’s the right or the left side, it’s always a good omen if a lizard falls on a person’s shoulder. As long as the lizard doesn’t fall on a person’s chest or stomach region, they will likely see good things in the future.

What religion does this lizard falling Astrology come from?

This lizard falling astrology is often connected to Hinduism. However, this is based on a myth. Many people get Astrology and religion confused with one another. They are two separate things and do not coincide with one another.

Although they serve a similar purpose, they aren’t connected in any fashion. Lizard falling is an ancient Indian tradition that isn’t associated with a religion.

Religion is about celebrating the belief of a higher power. Astrology is different because it is the study of how stars correlate with people and the effects it has on their personalities and actions.

While lizard falling isn’t a real form of Astrology, it serves a similar purpose. However, it’s very common for religious people to also believe in lizard falling.

Could a lizard falling on your left shoulder just be by chance and not an omen?

A lizard falling on you could be just a coincidence because it’s not a real form of Astrology. Since it can’t scientifically be proven that a lizard falling is always an omen, there is the possibility that one just fell and there’s no real meaning behind it.

While many people believe strongly, others have trouble believing something they can’t prove.

Why would anyone want to ignore it though? A lizard falling on the left shoulder is a sign of happiness in the future, something almost everyone wants. Even if it can’t be proven, it’s still something to look forward to.

What is the study of the falling of lizards called?

Gauli Shastra is the study of lizard falling (what about your right foot? click here). According to this study, almost every move that a lizard makes could hold significance and act as an omen. There are 65 different areas where a lizard can land on a person to foretell if there is something good or bad waiting in their future.

While the left shoulder may be a sign of peace and happiness, other body parts don’t represent such nice outcomes.

If a lizard lands on a person’s head it could be a prediction that they will be getting into an argument or fight sometime soon. This is the sign of a quarrel or dispute soon.

What body part that a lizard falls on is regarded as a good Omen?

A lizard can land almost anywhere on your body, and no matter how specific the area is there is likely an omen that the landing spot represents.

It’s believed that there are 65 different spots where a lizard can land to represent an omen. However, some spots are luckier than others. If a lizard falls on any of these body parts it could foretell some good things on the way:

  • Face
  • Eye
  • Forehead
  • Left Ear
  • Lower Lip
  • Left Back Side
  • Wrist
  • Fingers
  • Shoulder

One more belief is that if a lizard falls on you while you’re sleeping and travels around your body it is an omen that a long life awaits you. Also, if a lizard happens to crawl down your neck on the left side it could mean that you’ll see a victory with a challenge you have been facing.

What is the consequence of harming a lizard according to this astrology?

Since lizards represent good things, harming a lizard could have serious consequences. Many people who follow Gowli Sastram believe that if you harm a lizard in any way then you’re inviting danger into your life.

This isn’t just a one-time thing either, as this danger is known to stay present for generations to come.

The same goes for destroying lizard eggs, many believe a curse will be put on the person who harms a lizard’s eggs. It is never good in return for a person who harms a lizard, even if it was done by accident.

However, if the lizard accidentally gets crushed in a door then any misfortune may pass. To avoid bad omens, always be careful when a lizard is in your presence.


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