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Do Lizards Breathe Through Their Skin? (Impossible?)

If you have ever researched how lizards breathe, you may have assumed, or wondered if they breathe through their skin like frogs… Do lizards breathe through their skin? Lizards do not breathe through their skin they breathe through their lungs instead. Amphibians, such as frogs, do breathe through their skin. But reptiles, such as lizards, […]

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Do All Lizards Have Salmonella? (Or Just Rumors?)

If you have heard people say that lizards have salmonella you may be panicking and wondering if this could apply to your lizard… Do all lizards have salmonella? Most reptiles carry salmonella. This is found in their intestinal tract. However, they tend to eliminate it through their feces. So, if you have a pet lizard, […]

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Are Bibron Geckos Good Pets? (Or Too Viscous?)

If you are researching Bibron’s Geckos you may be wondering if they make suitable pets… Are Bibron Geckos good pets? Bibron’s Gecko lizards are good pets but they are more for experienced owners. Why? Because they are known for not being handled, quite fast and hard to control and can deliver a painful bite. So, […]

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Is The Common Basilisk Endangered? (Will They Survive?)

If you are researching the Common Basilisk or you are interested in one to have at home you may be wondering if they endangered in any way… Is The Common Basilisk Endangered? The Common Basilisk is not endangered or extinct. However, their natural habitat is under constant threat and destruction, which is located in tropical […]

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