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How to Get Rid of Bearded Dragon Stress Marks

If you have noticed some weird markings on your Bearded Dragon and you wondering if they are stress marks (Click here to learn, from this guide, what to avoid to keep your Bearded Dragon safe), why they have occurred or how to get rid, then keep reading for some answers. How do you get rid […]

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Can Beardies eat rose petals? (Is it dangerous)

When you are looking after your Beardie, understanding what to feed him is key (Click here to see what you should be feeding him), you may be wondering if Rose petals are even a consideration… Can you feed your Bearded dragon rose petals? Yes, you can feed your Bearded Dragon rose petals. But, there is […]

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Can I Feed My Leopard Gecko Freeze Dried Crickets?

If you have a Leopard Gecko you may be wondering what food is best for him. But what about freeze-dried crickets, are they a good idea? Can I feed my leopard gecko freeze-dried crickets? Yes, you can feed your Leopard Gecko freeze-dried crickets. However, this is not ideal and should be offered occasionally rather than […]

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Can leopard geckos drink bottled water?

If you have a leopard Gecko, no doubt you want to check everything before you give it to him. Water is one of those important things you need to check. Can leopard geckos drink bottled water? Yes, leopard geckos can drink bottled water. In fact, many geckos are fine with bottled or tap water. If […]

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Do Leopard Geckos Pee? (Is it Like our Urine?)

If you have seen a weird white looking excretion in your Leopard Geckos tank, you may be wondering when do they actually pee, right? Do Leopard Geckos Pee? Yes, Leopard Geckos do pee. But, it is not like our urine. In fact, it’s not liquid. It is a white substance called urates. It is a […]

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