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Green Anole Breeding (Best Tricks plus Pictures)

Keeping Green Anoles (Click to see why these are 7 best Anole Substrates) is one thing, but breeding them is another. I was interested in how other successful breeders have done it. So I have compiled my research on this for you today. How do you breed Green Anoles in captivity? You need to have […]

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What is a Brown Anoles Lifespan?

Brown Anoles (Click here to see why Anoles love these substrates) are great little pets, especially when they are well looked after. Their Life expectancy can be dependant on a number of factors that I plan to address in this article. What is a Brown Anoles Lifespan? On average brown anoles will live for 5 […]

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Why is my Anole Lizard Turning Brown?

If your Anole is turning brown there are a number of things that can make this happen. In this article I will address these issues as well as explaining a common mistake people make when they discover that their Anole is brown. Why is my Anole Lizard Turning Brown? It is most likely because your […]

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Baby Anole Lizard (Diet, Facts, Care Sheet & Pictures)

If you are thinking of getting a Baby anole (click here to see why Anoles love this substrate) lizard, or considering breeding some Anoles and need an insight into their behaviour, diet, water requirements natural predators and more, you are in the right place. What is a Baby Anole Lizard? Baby Anoles are the offspring […]

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