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What Can Live With Green Anoles? (Tank mates, Mixing, Sharing)

If you are like me, you want all the facts before you dive in. Understanding what Green Anoles can live with is important (Click here to see my best 7 substrates for Anoles) if you want to make the best efficient use of your tank. Let me explain in detail what they can be mixed with and some important things to avoid.

What can live with green Anoles? They can live with house Geckos, various species of Tree frogs and even the Fire-bellied toad. However, it is not a good idea to mix them with brown Anoles, as they are quite aggressive towards the green specie and they will be bullied.

Now that you understand what they can live with, let me give you a bit more detail on the sharing habits, and how to avoid problems. Such as the perfect way to work out how many Anoles to share together. The best way to mix males and females and more.

The Ideal Tank Mates for Green Anoles

Deciding to mix and find compatible tank mates can be very challenging in fact it can be quite disastrous if you get this wrong. You stand a good chance of putting your pet lizard at serious risk or at least injuring them in some way, if you do not get it right.

To help you understand which lizards can pair well with a green Anole, I have compiled a list for you.

Firstly, before I begin the list, the first line displayed below is a green or a brown anole. However, I am not suggesting that you consider mixing these together. Because the green and brown Anole do not get along (more on this later in the article). Anyway, here is the list:

  • Green or Brown Anole (not both, as discussed earlier).
  • House Gecko
  • Treefrog (Green, Grey, Squirell or Barking species)
  • Toad (Fire-bellied)

This list I have provided is a good mixture of potential combinations. The idea is to mix and pick, not all in one enclosure.

They have been selected due to the fact that they are not as aggressive. Therefore they are likely to get along well and have similar requirements. These requirements refer to diet, temperature, etc. Keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that they will actually work together in perfect harmony.

Sometimes you may have an unexpected “bad egg” that will ruin the harmony of a tank, regardless of the expectation of its bread or specie. However, his is a good general guide to get started.

How many male and female green Anoles can share a tank?

Sharing male and female animals is quite simple, but you have to be careful about how much space you give them. Also you need to get the combination correct. If you get this wrong you could be in for a big mess.

The simple rule of thumb is, maximum 2 anoles for every 10 gallons of Tank space. To give you some examples of these combinations, let Me Explain. Let’s say that you have 4 Anoles.

And you want to house them all together in an enclosure. Based on this calculation you need to have a 20 gallon tank.

To continue this example, let’s say you have 6 anoles, as you can imagine, you need to have at least a 30 gallon tank, to keep them happy.

This will go on and on with the additional anoles added to the enclosure. However you need to consider the type of enclosure that you purchase as well. Reason being, they need a Tall enclosure, rather than the conventional wide version.

This is because they need to have two levels. The first level (ground level) will be where they will dwell. And the higher second level will typically be where you have your plants and greenery. Which will help the humidity of the tank.

Also after the plants are misted, the water droplets dropdown and nourish the anoles. They do not like to drink from water dishes, so these droplets are mandatory.

Apart from this you also need to consider the male and female mix before you go ahead with your purchase. It is not a good idea to have more than one Male in the enclosure. This is for the simple reason that it is likely to end up in fights.

However one male with multiple females will get along just fine. You should find that one male can easily keep 4 or 5 female anoles more than happy. Just bear in mind, if you do mix this way, there is a good chance that they will mate and breed. So you will need to consider having even more space for the hatchlings.

Can Green & Brown Anoles Share?

You may be considering mixing green and brown anoles together. On the surface, this may sound like a good idea. Simply because you may assume that there is nothing much different with these species apart from the obvious colour differences.

Not a Good Idea

Before you do this, let me warn you it is not a good idea. This is for the simple reason that the brown ones are very aggressive, in comparison to there green tank mates. Therefore you will find that your treasured green anoles will be bullied.

In particular, when it comes to feeding or even basking to capture as much heat as they need to survive, they will be pushed out of the way. This can result in the green anoles starving or suffering from heat or calcium deficiencies. Ultimately it could lead to you losing one of the green anoles.

Will They eat Their Own Kind?

If you are considering sharing the enclosure with multiple Green anoles, in particular mixing the males and females together, you may find that they do indeed eat each other.

But this is mainly to do with hatchlings. In the event that anoles mate, breed and lay eggs. The hatchlings could be at risk of being eaten by one of their tank mates.

What’s the best enclosure for sharing?

As discussed earlier you need to make sure that you have at tall vivarium, which can accommodate a maximum 2 lizards for every 10 gallons of space.

In addition to this, you need to make sure that it is a tall, vertically aligned terrarium. It needs to be very well ventilated. This is because the air ventilation for these lizards is very important for their survival.

It needs to have a lot of plants and greenery which will be located in the higher level of the vertical vivarium.

I can’t emphasise this enough, never go short on the amount of greenery and plants. These can be live plants or alternatively you can go for artificial alternatives. For example, acrylic vvines or other types of artificial greenery.

These lizards would much rather hang out in the green areas, rather than at the lower level hiding in caves.

Related questions:

Q. How long can green animals live without food?

In the wild green anoles do not eat every single day. They have to hunt for food. And as he can expect they are not guaranteed to be lucky in hunting everyday.

For that reason they can easily live without food for a couple of days, which is even regarded as normal in their natural environment. However for it to become a real serious problem they are likely to be able to live a lot longer than that without food, maybe even a couple of weeks.

However you are not advised to test to see how long they will last. Make sure that they are well fed, if you are looking after them in captivity.

Q. What can you feed a brown Anole?

Brown anoles have a similar diet two green anoles. This includes the following?

  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Waxworms
  • Roaches
  • Ants

In addition to this they will even consider eating their own kind, as well as other lizards, such as a skinks. They will even eat old dropped off tails and old shedded skin.

Another interesting fact about their diet, if they are located near water they will even eat small fish or pretty much anything that will fit into their mouth.


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