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9 Weird Crested Gecko Noises & Behaviors

Crested Geckos make some weird noises, right? Well, there is a reason for most of these noises, as well as their behaviors (Click here for my best Crested Gecko Guide, on Amazon). For that reason I am gong to explain exactly what these are now for you in this article, focusing on 9 of their weird noises and behaviours.

What is a Crested Gecko? A crested Gecko, scientific name Correlophus (Rhacodactylus) ciliatus, is a popular pet lizard species. It is loved for its easy care requirements and manageable behavior characteristics.

When it comes to Crested Geckos they have a number of weird and funny behaviours and noises that they make in the section i’m going to break down and number of different noises and behaviours that interest you,

01. The chirping Noise

The chirping sound is usually not very loud but definitely audible it’s usually an indication that your gecko is uncomfortable you may hear this sound when you are trying to handle them and they are not feeling very comfortable about it. Therefore if you hear this sound it’s a good idea to put him down and give him a break.

02. The barking Noise

The barking sound is another negative sound that is made by crested geckos. This is usually an indication from the female, to the male gecko, to leave her alone.

You may be confused if your crested gecko makes this sound to you, but there is a simple reason for this. There is a good chance that the female gecko may be confused and thinks that you are a male gecko trying to harass her.

03. Breeding Season Noises

During the breeding season the female gecko will make some weird squeaking sounds, this squeaking sound is usually a positive thing and is an indication that the female would like some male attention. The sound is there to attract a male and make it known that she is ready to mate.

Don’t be surprised if the female gecko becomes quite feisty during the mating season, you may even notice that they will attempt to bite your hand and make the same mating squeaking sound. This is because they may confuse you with a potential mate.

During this mating Season the male gecko may appear to be fierce, for example he may seem to be biting the back of the neck of the female and this may alarm you. However, there is no reason to be alarmed.

This is the male’s way of trying to make sure that the female does not escape. Whilst this sounds completely abnormal to us as humans, this is normal practice and acceptable in the lizard Kingdom.

After the male gecko mates you will notice that his hemipenis is sticking out. This is weird to see because typically their sexual organs are not visible and I held inside their body. They will attempt to lick this to bring it down to size and retain the normal inverted shape.

04. Whistling noises in your tank enclosure

If you have more than one crested gecko in your tank enclosure you may notice that you hear some whistling sounds. That may make you think and wonder what is happening?

This is commonly known as a form of communication between crested geckos. It’s a way for them to understand each other.

05. Crested gecko tail dropping

Crested geckos are well-known for dropping their tails. This happens for a few reasons, but the most common reason is when they engage in fighting with other geckos.

It is advised that you are very gentle when handling a Crested Gecko because if they are handled incorrectly this could also cause them to lose their tail.

However it is not as catastrophic as a human losing a limb, because there is a good chance that they will actually grow their tail back.

06. Eyeball licking

You may be shocked to find out that crested geckos do not have eyelids, therefore you may notice that your crested gecko will actually be seen licking its own eyeballs.

As much as this is seems quite bizarre it is the only way that they can moisten their eyes, because they do not have eyelids. Remember, as humans we have eyelids, and we continuously blink throughout the day.

This motion actually moistens our eyes and keeps them moist without us even really thinking about it. Therefore, a Crested Gecko has no choice but to use its tongue to replicate this behaviour.

07. Crested gecko colour changes

Crested geckos can come in a few different types of colours. However, they can also change their colour depending on their environment and how their surroundings change.

They also have the ability to change colour whilst they are sleeping to a slightly darker tone. This is something quite unique to crested geckos and is just one of their abilities

08. Weird sleeping habits

Crested geckos are known as nocturnal animals, this simply means that they actually sleep during the day and then I active in the night. One of the benefits of this behaviour is that it Shields them from the intense heat that the daytime hours offer in their natural habitat.

09. Eating Its own Skin

It is no surprise that crested Geckos shed their skin. This is because most lizards do this. However they do shed their skin quite regular, in particular, a couple of times a month. They also will eat their own skin immediately after they shed their skin.

In fact you may even notice that they lose their appetite during this time. Almost like natures way of making sure they consume the skin. It is believed that the skin contains nutrients that benefit the lizard.

Related Questions:

Do Crested Geckos also make clicking sounds? Yes, they are known to make a clicking sound as well. This has been observed when they are eating. The sound seems to be generated from its chest area, rather than its mouth and is another mysterious noise for Cresties.

Do Crested Geckos smell? No, not usually. They are not smelly animals in general. However, if there is feaces in their tank or some odorous food remains in their tank then you may notice some bad smells. But, for the most part, they are not smelly.

Do Crested Geckos need Heat? Yes, but not additional heating. What I mean by that is their heating requirements are similar to ours, so they do not really need any extra heating or lights to keep them happy. So, yes, obviously they need some form of heat, but nothing excessive.

Can you handle crested geckos? Yes, they are naturally quite laid back lizards. Not really aggressive. Which is one of the reasons they are a popular pet lizard. However if you are new to owning lizards, you need to handle them carefully and learn how to do this safely.

What types of fruits can you give to Crested Geckos? They can eat a variety of fruits, in particular they can have mangos, bananas, apples, plums just to name a few.

Can Crested Geckos See in the night? Yes, they can. As discussed earlier, they are nocturnal, meaning they are active in the night. For this reason their eyes have been adapted to deal with roaming around in the night and will have no problems seeing and finding food in the night.

Are Crested Geckos friendly? Yes, they are friendly. As discussed earlier they have a great personality for beginners because they are so tame and laid back. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular amongst lizard keepers around the world.


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