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Can Crested Geckos Eat Strawberries?

If you are considering what you can feed your Crested Gecko (Click here to see why I love this Gecko feeder, on Amazon) you may have wondered about Strawberries. But, is a good idea or not? Let me explain… Can crested geckos eat strawberries? Yes, crested geckos can definitely eat strawberries. They can be consumed […]

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How Much Do Pet Iguanas Cost?

If you are toying with the idea of buying an Iguana (Click here for my best Iguana guide & see the price on Amazon) its critical to get an idea of costings before you commit. Let me help you now. how much do pet iguanas cost? You can expect to pay anything from as low […]

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Gut Load Superworms (How and why bother?)

Gut-loading insects is a well-known trick in Lizard keeping to provide a nutritional meal to your pet. But how do you actually do this and are there any things to avoid? Let me explain… How do you Gut Load Superworms? Simple place some food (more details of this below) into a separate container along with […]

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Are Leopard Gecko Kid Friendly? (Might Surprise You)

Depending on the age of your children, you have probably been bothered about getting a pet. But is a Leopard Gecko a good idea for your child, that is the question. Let me explain right now. Are Leopard Gecko’s Kid-Friendly? No, not if they are unsupervised. They can be if they are well supervised. Children […]

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Best Chinese Water Dragon Vivarium Size (+ Vid)

If you are considering caring for a Chinese Water Dragon, you must have considered the best vivarium size for them, right? Well, you are in the right place, let me explain: What’s the best Vivarium Size for a Chinese Water Dragon? The ideal size is 36 inches tall and 46 inches in length. Water Dragons […]

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Komodo Dragon Predators (Facts, Diet)

The Komodo is a big and formidable lizard, in fact, the largest. But I was wondering what animals prey on them. In reality, no matter how big you are, there must always be danger or predators, right? Let me explain. What are the predators of Komodo Dragons? Other Komodo Dragons and humans are their biggest […]

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