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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Onions? (Is it safe?)

If you are a Bearded dragon lover and careful about what you feed him (Click here for the to keep him housed & feed well), you may be wondering what foods he can consume, safely. In this article, I will confirm if onions are a viable consideration.  Can bearded dragons eat onions? No bearded dragons […]

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Why Does the Armadillo Girdled Lizard Bite its Tail?

If you have stumbled across the Armadillo girdled lizard before, you have probably heard people talking about it biting its own tail, while they scratch their head with confusion. But why does this happen? Why does the Armadillo girdled lizard bite its own tail? It bites its own tail as a clever defensive technique. It […]

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Can Iguanas Eat Cucumber (Is it a Good Idea)?

If you are thinking about the best food for your current or future Iguana. It lets me know you want to know everything about your lizard (Click here for my best Iguana Guide, on Amazon) to treat him right. But what about cucumber? Is that even an option? Can Iguanas eat cucumber? Yes, they can […]

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Can Iguanas Swim in Chlorine Pools? (Dangerous?)

Can Iguanas swim in chlorine pools? Yes, Iguanas can swim in pools. Ideally, a saltwater pool, but many owners have used these pools in captivity, without issues. However, you need to be careful if you have just added Chlorine to the pool. And, understand it’s not recommended, but it’s possible. Maybe you have a chlorine […]

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How to Lower Humidity in Your Leopard Gecko Tank

If you want to make sure the humidity is correct in your Leopard Gecko enclosure (Click here to see my best device to measure humidity, on Amazon) you need to check the official readings. But how can you reduce it if it’s too high? Let me explain… How can you reduce the humidity in a […]

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pumpkin? (Get the runs?)

Can bearded dragons eat pumpkin? Yes, bearded dragons can eat pumpkin. However, you have to be careful when not to give them too much. Because it has low calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1:2 (more on this later). This means it’s not ideal, but ok in moderation. Pumpkin Nutritional Facts According to Wikipedia, here are […]

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