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Hi, this is me with my daughter and my Lizard friend. I hope you enjoy my research. Please feel free to check out my "About Me" page to find out more about me.

Why Do Lizards Eat Their Skin? (Nutrition or Instinct?)

If you have see your pet lizard eat its own skin you ma be shocked, or wondering why this happens… Why do lizards eat their skin? Lizards eat their skin for several reasons such as its nutritional benefits, helps them grow new skin, and comes naturally to them (instinct). Regarding the latter, instinct, they don’t […]

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What Do Pygmy Short-horned lizards eat? (Insects or Veg?)

If you are interested or researching pygmy short-horned lizards you may be wondering what they eat, and other facts about them… What do pygmy short-horned lizards eat? Pygmy short-horned lizards are classed as insectivores and mainly eat ants and beetles. Ants are mostly sufficient to provide most of their dietary needs. Most pygmy lizards have […]

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Are Baby Lizards Dangerous? (Killers or Teddy Bears?)

If you are researching lizards, or just interested, you may be wondering if their babies are dangerous… Are baby lizards dangerous? Some baby lizards, such as a Gila Monster, or the Mexican Beaded Lizard, are venomous and technically dangerous. However, most lizards found in domestic homes are not. They may still bite but unless it […]

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Do Lizards Have Enemies? (+ How They Escape)

If you are researchig, or just interested in lizards you may be wondering if they have enemies, and if they do how do they get away… Do lizards have enemies? Lizards do have enemies such as birds, snakes or even other lizards. Regarding other lizards, there is also a chance of them being attacked by […]

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Do Lizards Carry Their Babies In Their Mouth?

If you are researching lizards and their babies you may be wondering if it’s true that they carry their babies in their mouth… Do Lizards carry their babies in their mouth? Lizards do carry their babies in their mouths, as other animals, such as cats do. This is because their legs are not capable of […]

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Do Lizards Like Loud Music? (Can They Even Hear?)

If you have been curious or researching lizards you may have wondered if they appreciate music or if it can get too loud for them… Do lizards like loud music? In general, lizards do not like loud music or noises. This is because their hearing is sensitive and it may either alarm them or distress […]

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Can Lizards Drown? (Devasting Reaction?)

If you have heard that lizards can swim you may have wondered if there is a chance that they could drown, and which lizards can survive well in water… Can lizards drown? Lizards can drown. This is because they need to breathe in oxygen on land and if they are starved of it underwater they […]

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