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Best Lizard Enclosure – Glass

Choosing the right vivarium for your lizard is important. Some lizards prefer wood, while others are best suited to glass enclosures. There is even plastic and mesh types to consider. However in this article we will focus on the glass vivariums.

These are the reasons I choose the Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium (link to check the price on Amazon) as my best wide glass vivarium and the Zilla Tropical Vertical Kit (Link to check the price on Amazon) as my best Tall vivarium. The wide vivarium has a good value and comes in a range of different sizes. Also my tall selection comes with a selection of accessories and great quality.

Which Lizards are best suited to Glass Vivariums?

The following lizards are ideal for glass vivariums:

  • Leopard Geckos
  • Crested Geckos

What are the advantages of a Glass Vivarium?

Glass vivariums hold in the heat better and look classy because they can fit in with most surroundings. They also stop your lizard escaping the tank, because they can’t grip on the glass.

In addition to this, the glass vivariums are very easy to clean. Not just surface dirt, but actual bacteria. You can simply wipe it down with some disinfectant and you can remove bacteria, as appose to a wooden based frame.

What are the dis-advantages of a Glass Vivarium?

Some lizards really do not like seeing a glimpse of their own reflection. This may sound silly, but be careful placing lizards like Chameleons in a Glass vivarium.

Secondly they are easy to break. If you drop one of these, there is little to know chance that you will be using it again. Lastly, they can be quite heavy which you should factor in before you buy one.


What Should You Be Looking For?

Before you purchase a terrarium, you need to understand the key features you should be looking out for and more importantly the benefits of these features. Here is a list of my top items:

  • Security, so your lizard doesn’t escape
  • Good ventilation, so your lizard is comfortable
  • Space, so she has enough room to manoeuvre
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Compatibility, so you can fit heaters, etc

What Are The Top Brands?

  • Exo Terra – One of the top brands on the market, with a wide variety of Vivariums
  • Zilla – Another top brand, with some popular vivarims
  • Reptizoo – Have some good vivariums to choose from.
  • Zoo Med – Not as much variety as Exo Terra, but have some good ones to consider.

What are the Best Wide Glass Vivariums?

The Exo Terra Allglass Terraium

The Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium (link to check the price on Amazon) is a wide enclosure ideal for lizards that like to stay on the ground level, also known as “Ground Dwellers”. For example, the Leopard Gecko. This wide area gives the Leopard more space in the orientation that they prefer.

However, it is possible to get this same model in different sizes and orientations, meaning that it can be ideal for many different types of lizards.


  • Breathable vents on top that can be open and closed
  • Great for locking in humidity.
  • Selection of different sizes and orientations to fit most pet lizards.


  • Slight Gaps between the doors, meaning if you want to give your lizard live insects, they could escape.
  • Need special light fixtures, you can’t use any random brand.


Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

This Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium (link to check the price on Amazon) is another excellent wide offering from Exo Terra. It offers easy access doors to make life easier for access and feeding. It has a high front window to allow a big layer of substrate. This ideal for lizards that like to dig and burrow.


  • Ideal for ground dwellers, such as geckos
  • Swinging double doors, for easy access


  • Plastic frame on the top, Means its not possible to place a heat lamp there


What Is the Best Tall (Vertical) Glass Vivarium?

The Zilla Tropical Vertical Kit

The Zilla Tropical Vertical Kit (Link to check the price on Amazon) is a vertical glass vivarium that comes with accessories. Hence the reason it is sold as a “kit”, as appose to a stand alone vivarium. It comes with a Halogen light, water dish, temperature gauge and is an ideal starter kit.


  • Comes with Halogen lighting Fixture
  • Includes decorations
  • Includes Water Dish


  • The included heat lamp has a tendency to exceed expected temperatures.
  • Not ideal for large lizards such as iguanas or monitors.


Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium (Link to see the price on Amazon) is ideal for lizards that love tall environments. It has a raised plate at the bottom which will allow you fit a heater. Also comes with decorative background.


  • Ideal for smaller lizards
  • Escape-proof door locking mechanism
  • The Base is water proof


  • There is an area around the back that allows crickets or small insects to hide from your lizard
  • Not ideal for big lizards