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5 Best Bearded Dragon Tanks for 2019

When it comes to housing your Bearded Dragon, you want to make sure you only consider the best. This is the reason why I have put together the best five for this year that I think you will love.

What is the best bearded Dragon Tank? In my opinion the REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is the ideal choice, because is spacious, strong, secure screen, with raised base so you can heat your substrate if you desire.

What is the ideal size tank for a Bearded Dragon?

For Bearded Dragon’s it’s important to think about comfort first. Bearded dragons prefer a lot more horizontal space than they do vertical space. This is mainly because the bearded dragons are not very good at climbing.

They appreciate having more floor space than they do vertical space, so for that reason you need to look at tanks that are shaped correctly, as in they need to have more horizontal space to keep them happy.

If we are talking about the minimum sizes, then for a smaller baby bearded dragon it is advisable to have a minimum of 20 gallon tank.

For a larger adult bearded dragon, you would expect to have a minimum of 40 gallons. However, it is better to have a larger size from the beginning, rather than trying to cut corners and go for a smaller tank for now.

If you can afford to get a larger tank, it will make your bearded dragon feel more comfortable and allow them to grow into the tank size. Four example you may feel that your bearded dragon will end up requiring a 50 or even 75 gallon tank.

In this situation, it is better to actually invest in a larger tank first from the beginning, even if it is a baby, letting it grow into a full-size tank, rather than buying a few different sizes as it grows.

What are the different types of tanks available?

There are three main types of tanks that you you may consider for your Bearded dragon.

They are the following:

  • Glass tank
  • Melamine tank
  • PVC tank
  • Custom Professional Tank.

The glass tank

The glass tank is one of the popular choices when it comes to housing bearded dragons. It looks classy and allows you to see your bearded dragon clearly, and it also doubles up as a potential centrepiece for your room.

The negatives things about the glass cage is the share weight and the insulation. Unfortunately the glass tank is quite bulky and heavy and it does not insulate the heat very well. These are the main cons of this option, but with that said many people still decide to go ahead with these.

Melamine tank

The Melamine tank is a type of wooden board which is coated in laminate. This type of tank allows you to see your lizard one one side of the tank, which could be regarded as a negative thing.

You have the option of painting the insides to whatever colour you desire. The downfalls of this tank are the weight. It it quite bulky and hard to move.

The PVC tank

The PVC tank is another popular choice. This is mainly because of the cheaper cost, and the fact that it is lighter than the other options discussed before. Making it easy to move around, or relocate for aesthetic reasons.

The custom professional tank

These custom made professional tanks are usually very expensive, but they are high-quality. For bearded dragon owners, that do not have a limited budget, they are ideal.

But why are they so expensive? Because they come up with a custom built moulded plastic enclosure. The beauty of this is that it is one piece of moulded plastic, which is quite aesthetically pleasing.

The Best Bearded Dragon Tanks

REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

  • Strong screen top
  • Screen top allows UVB & Infrared to get in
  • Raised base, to fit a substrate heater
  • Simple Installation


  • No handles on the front of door, making it awkward

This REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is a quality large enclosure for your bearded Dragon. But I am going to explain why I say this.

It comes with strong screen top to keep your Bearded Dragon secure. The screen also allows UVB and Infrared to penetrate the tank. It also comes with a raised base, so that you can fit a substrate heater. It is also simple to assemble.

Carolina Custom Cages

Main advantages:

  • Water proof base
  • Door lock
  • Easy to clean glass
  • Screen top that provides air flow


  • Awkward door lock.

The Carolina custom cages (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is an ideal tank for your lizard. One of the great things about this tank is that it has a door lock to keep your bearded dragon secure.

It has a really nice, easy to clean glass finish. And the addition of a great screen top that allows easy airflow. The the only negative I would say about this is that you have to keep unlocking it, using the awkward door lock.


Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Main Advantages:

  • Textured sandy walls
  • Large swinging doors, for easy access
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Water tight, sealed base


  • May break during shipping, because it comes pre-assembled

The EXO Terra vivarium (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is another great choice. As well as having a glass finish it also has some amazing looking textured Sandy walls.

It has large swinging doors which makes it easy for your bearded dragon to be taken in and out, and also allowing you good access to clean.

It is shipped fully assembled so there is no need for you to have to spend time putting it together full stop it has a water-type shield base which is another good thing.

The only issue I would say is that when you get tanks that come fully assembled there is a good chance that you may find that it could get broken in transit, this may not happen to you but it is a consideration never the less.


Tetra deluxe Aquatic Tank

Main Advantages:

  • Comes with Heat Lamp
  • Comes with rocks and plants
  • Watertight seal


  • Flimsy Screen cover

On paper this Tetra Deluxe Tank (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is relatively small, so if you have a full-size bearded dragon this is definitely

not the one for you. However if you have a baby bearded dragon and you just starting out this could be the ideal one for you. The main reason I mentioned this one is, aside from its smaller size, it comes with a lot of good features and accessories that may benefit you.

This tank comes with rocks, basking light and also plants so it does come with good accessories. It is actually designed for Turtles so it is a great watertight sealed vivarium for your beardie.

You may be thinking you do not need a tank which is designed for Turtles, but in reality it is ideal because you can just fill it with sand instead of water and it is very secure and watertight.

In addition to the accessories already mentioned it also comes with a UV light and and a heat lamp.The only negatives I would say, is the fact that it is designed for aquatic use, therefore accessibility is not perfect. What I mean by this is, there are no opening doors like the tanks that we discussed earlier. This is not a big issue but is just a minor inconvenience, but a negative nevertheless.

You may also find that the screen that covers the top is a bit flimsy, therefore you may want to put something on top of it just to stop your bearded dragon escaping full stop so this would be regarded as a bit of a negative as well.


The Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat


  • Escape-proof black mesh screen
  • Water-resistant PVC bottom.
  • Easy Power Cord and tubing access
  • Simple to put together.


  • Due to some fragile parts, there is a chance it could get damaged while shipping.

This Zilla Fresh Air Tank (Click here to read the reviews on Amazon) comes in two different sizes so it will be ideal to meet most bearded dragons. It has a nice PVC base, and strong durable aluminium finish around the rest of the tank.

The aluminium is treated so it will not rust. It also has strong black mesh, that will stop your bearded dragon attempting to bite the tank and causing any damage to it.

You can comfortably add whatever substrate you want and the PVC base will hold it without any issues.

So, now you can see why I have recommended this one, it has some excellent features for your bearded Dragon.