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3 Best Insects for Crested Geckos

If you have a Crested Gecko or doing your research prior to getting one. Then you are probably keen to understand which insects they will love and more importantly what is best for them from a nutritional perspective. If that’s the case keep reading…

What is the best insects for crested geckos? This is my best choice insects for Crested Geckos (Click here to see the price on Amazon) The reason being they guarantee Live delivery, great size options (Small, medium & large) and great customer service.

Now that you know which one is my best choice is I will explain later in this article a break down of my best 3 and reasons why I have selected them, highlighting their pros and cons. Also, some key features to look out for when purchasing insects and much more, keep reading…

Quick Insect Comparison

NameImageMy Rating
01. Live Mealworms (Best Choice)
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02. Live Superworms
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03. Live Hornworms
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Features You Should be looking out for when buying Insects

In this section, I am going to explain some important features you should be looking out for before you buy any insects. Naturally, there will be some features that are more important to you than others. Here are the main ones I look out for:

  • LIVE Delivery Guarantees
  • Size Options
  • Great customer Service
  • Shipping in all weathers

LIVE Delivery Guarantees

If you are buying insects for your crestie then they need to be alive and active. Why? Simple, your lizard will just ignore them otherwise, making your purchase a complete waste of time.

Therefore when you order online, mail order, etc.. You need to be sure they will be alive on delivery. Or shall I say more importantly the vendor is confident they can do this. This is what your paying form, right?

So, a LIVE delivery Guarantee is a big feature, if not “the” feature. It gives you that peace of mind that you have a come back if they deliver a bag of unusable insects, are you with me?

Size Options

Depending on the size of your crestie you may have different requirements for their food size. By the way, if you are unsure of what size is deemed safe, then I have a tip for you. Never feed them any insect that is longer than the distance between each eye.

Anyway, my point is, size options, e.g. Small, medium, large (or similar) is great. It gives you more chance of keeping your lizard happy. Be mindful that this isn’t always an exact science with worms, we are not talking about cuts of cake in a bakery here, these are living things. Meaning some may be a bit bigger (or smaller) than others.

Great Customer Service

This one goes without saying. And is not limited to insects either. But, you need a company that has a good reputation for customer service and will deliver on their promises. For example, anyone can throw up a “Guarantee”, but will they honor it?… Exactly!

Willing to Deliver (Ship) in “All” Weathers

As we need our worms regularly, throughout the year to keep our crestie happy. We need to feel confident, no matter where we live, that the vendor will deliver, regardless of the weather conditions.

For example, you could be sitting ing n 100 degrees California heat, and should still get the darn delivery! right? Or the opposite, in a European winter in sub-zero conditions and still get it, and they should be delivered alive.

This is where its good to see that the vendor is willing to stick their kneck out and deliver these conditions.

My Best Insect Choices

In this section, I will be sharing a few of my best insect choices for Crested Geckos. This is based on the criteria I shared with you earlier.

The format will be an explanation of the insect product, detailing the pros and cons. Also, I will explain in detail what I do and do not like about each one.

01. Live Mealworms

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  • High Protein
  • Good Lifespan
  • Live on Delivery (Guaranteed)
  • Size Options (Large, Medium & Small)
  • Great customer service


  • High-Fat content
  • Small Mealworms
  • Some packaging issues
  • Quantities may vary

What I love about these Mealworms

When you order Live Mealworms, especially via mail order, it is always a gamble if they will actually turn up in a Live state. If you have had a lizard for some time, I am sure you will agree.

So, the first thing I like about this package is the fact that they guarantee that they will be Live. This means they either have money bags to waste, or they are confident that they will deliver.

But, who cares, right? As long as we get our worms, or worse case get it rectified if there is a discrepancy is the main thing. The good thing is, their customer service is decent as well. Which helps with this.

Lastly, depending on the size of your crestie, you may have requirements for different sized worms. Great thing is, they have got this covered. You can order different sizes to match your needs.

What I do not like about these Mealworms

Ok, now that I have talked these guys up, let me bring it back down to reality, with the issues. Because, nothing is perfect, right?

With regards to their sizing. This can be debatable. In some cases, their large worms have been known to look smaller than expected. But, I get it, this is subjective I guess.

Then there is the packaging, maybe this has been addressed recently, but there have been occasions where they have been known to arrive in a cloth bag with not much protective covering. Meaning this could affect the number of Live worms you actually get.

Lastly, the quantity. This one is hard to say for sure, but you may find that at a glance the amount of worms seems inconsistent. Sometimes more, maybe other times less. But, I can’t say I got on my hands and knees and counted them.

02. Live Superworms

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  • High Protein
  • Great sized worms.
  • Convenient, to the door delivery.
  • Live worms – To stimulate the interest of your crestie.


  • Quite Fatty.
  • Some packaging issues.
  • Strong smell (really strong).

What I love about these Superworms

If you appreciate really big fat ones!… Then this is the product for you. What do I mean? Well, these Superworms are a lovely size. They are big, fat and juicy. Ideal for a big boy crestie with a great appetite.

I am also a fan of the fact that these bad boys can be delivered directly to my door, without having to go to my local pet store or some weird middle man setup.

Finally, these Superworms will have your crestie in a trance, because they are good little wrigglers, so he will be all over them like a rash!

What I do not like about these Superworms

Let me go over some of my observations with these live Superworms. Firstly, the packaging could be better, to be honest. There have been cases where they arrive in a pillowcase, with no indication of their fragility on the outer package, are you with me?

Meaning they have been known to arrive wet. Not the best. But, my biggest gripe is the smell. I get it, they are worms, not flowers. But, these worms are real stinkers. But, I guess we are not the ones who will eat them.

03. Live Hornworms

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  • Swift Delivery
  • Great customer service
  • Ships, no matter the weather
  • Live delivery (Guaranteed)


  • Consistency of Live worms

What I love about these Hornworms

Let me get straight to the positives of these Live Hornworms. One thing I love is fast delivery, and they seem to have this in place quite well. Another great benefit is their emphasis on customer service. If their issues with worms dying in transit, not only do they guarantee live arrival, they will act on it and refund you if there are issues.

The weather can sometimes cause issues for some deliveries. But, this is where they excel as well. If there are extreme weathers such as cold or overly hot. They will use a heat or cold pack to keep the worms fresh in transit.

What I do not like about these Hornworms

Now let’s look at their negatives. One thing I have to comment on is their consistency. Obviously this is quite broad, but in particular, is their consistency with the number of live worms.

You may find that some deliveries are fine with a high ratio of them alive and well. However other times it is the complete opposite. This is something that could definitely be improved.  One good thing is, they offer a guarantee to deal with this in the event that there is a bad delivery.