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Do Leopard Geckos Pee? (Is it Like our Urine?)

If you have seen a weird white looking excretion in your Leopard Geckos tank, you may be wondering when do they actually pee, right?

Do Leopard Geckos Pee?

Yes, Leopard Geckos do pee. But, it is not like our urine. In fact, it’s not liquid. It is a white substance called urates. It is a white powder that appears to be solid. It is designed to conserve water in the wild.

Now that you know how they pee, you may also be wondering what the benefits are if they can pee without pooping, the dangers of white looking urates, and so much more. Keep reading.

What are the benefits of excreting urates?

As you may already know, Leopard Geckos are from dry areas. Also known as “Arid”. So, they have evolved to master how to survive in these areas. With the emphasis on water (Click here to see if Leo’s can use bottled water) conservation.

Saving Water

The biggest benefit is their ability to conserve water, which is at a premium in their natural habitat. So, in these hot dry areas they can survive longer with less water, are you with me?

In addition to these, they get to get rid of unwanted chemicals such as uric acid.

What do these Urates Look like?

By now you should understand the benefits of these urates, why it is necessary for their natural habitat, etc. However, if you have not seen these urates before you may be curious to understand roughly what they look like, right?

If you haven’t seen them before, let me explain, they should look white, soft to touch, but a solid structure. It is usually white one end, then whit the other.

But, why is one end brown?

This is because when she urates, it is usually followed up with poop, same time. So, one end should be white, for the urates. And, the other end should be brownish. I say “should”, because this is not always the case, sometimes the urates may look yellow (more on this later).

Can you see Urates without Poop?

Earlier I explained that you should expect to see urates accompanied by feces. Meaning you would expect to see a white color one end, followed by a brown color. But what happens if you just see a white solid substance, should you be alarmed?

The answer is not necessarily. This is because there are certain times when this is to be expected. In particular, during the breeding season. The reason for this is, during this period there may be extended periods where the female and male Leo will stop eating.

So, as you would expect, if there is no eating, there is no feces expected during this time, are you with me? So, don’t be alarmed if this is the case, during this period.

Can you avoid Yellow Urates & Hydration?

If you have noticed yellow-colored urates from your Lepard Gecko, there is a good chance that he is feeling dehydrated. If this is the case, you may be wondering how you can work around this.

Providing fresh clean water

One of the best ways to avoid this is to make sure that you provide regular freshwater. This is essential so that they have the option to keep themselves hydrated.

Providing Water during Breeding Season

During the breeding season, you may notice the male or female Leo stop eating. However, it is still important to provide water during this time. This will avoid hydration during this important time.

Gut-loading before feeding

Because Leo’s do not always drink as much as they should do, you may find that your pet will get most of her hydration from the food she eats. Therefore, gut loading (Click here to see how and why you should be gut loading) is important.

If you have never heard of gut loading, it is a method of pre-feeding the insects that you plan to feed to your Leo. This will fill them full of nutrients and help them hydrate her.

How can you clean up Leo Urates?

how can you clean up leopard gecko urates

how can you clean up leopard gecko urates

If you have discovered some Urates for the first time, or you are just looking for better ways to handle it, you are in luck. Because I am going to explain how you can clean it up as easy as possible.

Using Paper Towel Substrate

If you use paper towel substrate then this is good news. This is because you can easily utilize these paper towels to your advantage. If you have had a Leo for a while, you may agree that they tend to poop in the same location of the enclosure. This helps because you know where to find the mess.

You can simply locate the poop, then fold up the towel, containing the poop. Then simply discard it. This is a simple way forward.

Other Substrates

If you use other substrates (Click here for the best substrate for Leopard Gecko eggs), such as tiles, you need a different cleaning solution.

One of the biggest errors lizard owners make is trying to clear it up immediately after it’s been dropped. This is the worst time by the way. Why? Simple, it will be runny and likely to smear and dirty the tank, are you with me?

Therefore, a better solution is to be patient. Wait for a short while. Once it naturally hardens, you can scoop it up and dispose of it easily, make sense?

Related Questions:

In this section, I will be answering some questions related to Leopard Geckos, urates and poop. If you have any other related questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Do leopard geckos eat their own poop?

No, they do not eat their own poop. Maybe you have heard rumors that Leos are known for eating their own Poop. But, where did these rumors come from?

Not sure, but I can say that it not based on fact. One thing though, they may be inclined to hide their poop in the substrate. So, it is a good idea to look out for it in the enclosure.

Why does my leopard geckos poop stink?

The poop may stink because it has been left for a few days. If it is cleaned up right away it will stop the smell. It is important to look carefully for the poop because Leos can hide their poop.

If you are worried about taking on a Leo because of their smell. You may be anxious wondering if it will stink out the house. Which is understandable, who really wants this? Hopefully, now you know, it’s not too much of an issue, as long as they are managed correctly.

Why does my gecko pee on me?

Your Gecko may pee on you because she is scared of you, and feels that you may be a predator. Her natural reaction is fear until she is conditioned to trust you. If she is new, give her time to adjust.

Do leopard geckos poop every day?

Yes, some Leopard Geckos do poop every day. However, there are others that vary. Younger Leos tend to go two or three times, and other older ones may only go two or three times a week. The food intake is a factor too.

Put it this way, if you feed your Leo a lot of food each day, then there is a good chance that she will poop more often, make sense?

Can leopard geckos eat fruit?

No, Leopard geckos will not eat fruit and vegetables. They are carnivores and will mainly consume insects such as crickets, mealworms, super worms, and even roaches. They get most of their nutrients from these insects. But, supplementation is also required.

Can you overfeed a leopard gecko?

Yes, you can overfeed a Leopard Gecko. However, most Leo’s will naturally stop when they have had enough. But, unfortunately, there are some greedy ones that won’t. Therefore, you need to look out for them to avoid overfeeding and obesity.


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