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How Do Lizards Escape From Their Enemies?

The short answer is biting, camouflage, hissing, squirting blood from their eyes, bright colours and removing their tails. If you are looking for some more in-depth detail on this, and more answers to common follow up questions, keep reading. Quick Navigation IntroductionHow Do They Use Biting?How Do They use Camouflage?What Does Hissing Do to Protect […]

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Why Are Lizards Not Seen In Winter?

Lizards are reptiles and like most reptiles, they are ‘cold-blooded’ or ‘ectotherms’. Coldblooded animals are those animals that cannot maintain their own body temperatures. They are the same temperature as the atmosphere and so have difficulties in staying warm. They need an external heat source to maintain their body temperature. Quick Navigation BackgroundWhere do Lizards Hibernate […]

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