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Is a wall Gecko Poisonous if Eaten? The Full Guide

With so many wall geckos hanging around the house, you might question whether their bites are venomous or whether they poison the food if they fall into it, well this article will answer this, and much more (Click here to see my best Gecko guide, on Amazon). Is a a Wall Gecko Poisonous if Eaten? No, […]

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Does The Blue Tongue Lizard Need A UV Light?

The short answer is yes, if you want your lizard to lead a long health existence, you will need one. If you want more in-depth detail, please read on. Quick Navigation IntroductionSo, Does the Blue Tongue Lizard Need a UV Light?What is the Ideal Temperature for Blue Tongue Lizards?What is the Ideal Humidity for Blue […]

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Pygmy Short Horned Lizard Care Guide

IntroductionInterested in knowing about the shortest lizards? These pygmy Short-horned lizards are true to their name. They are barely 3-4 inches long in their adult life. Their shiny and spiky skin makes them quite attractive. As a kid, we had often wondered about these toad-like animals. They had intrigued us from the beginning due to how […]

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Are Lizards Poisonous? I Wish I knew This Before

The short answer to this question is, no they are not poisonous. However, some of them are actually venemous. There is a distint difference, and in this article I will explain in detail. Quick Navigation IntroductionWhat is The Difference between poisonous and venomous?What Happens If A Cat Tries To Eat A Lizard?What Symptoms Can You […]

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Lace Monitor Lizard vs Komodo Dragon: Which is Best?

In my opinion, its the Komodo Dragon. But to be truthful, its really a subjective choice when you are comparing these two beauties! If you want the real comparison, that has led me to this choice, please read on. Quick Navigation IntroductionHow many different species are there in the monitor lizard family?Is the Lace Monitor […]

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How Do Lizards Escape From Their Enemies?

The short answer is biting, camouflage, hissing, squirting blood from their eyes, bright colours and removing their tails. If you are looking for some more in-depth detail on this, and more answers to common follow up questions, keep reading. Quick Navigation IntroductionHow Do They Use Biting?How Do They use Camouflage?What Does Hissing Do to Protect […]

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Can Lizards Hear?

The short answer is yes, lizards can hear. To fully understand why some people would question this, I have laid out a full article explaining this, and some common follow up questions and answers. Quick Navigation Introduction How do Lizards Hear?Do Lizards Have Ear Flaps?What Is a Lizard’s Typical Hearing Range?How Do Reptiles Hear?Are Lizards Sensitive […]

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Can Lizards Swim?

Can Lizards Swim? The short answer is yes. However, The longer answer is, it depends on what specie. In this article we will look into which species appreciate the water, and attempt to answer all your related questions. Quick Navigation Introduction Can Lizards Swim? The Longer VersionHow long can the water Lizard hold its breath under […]

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Why Are Lizards Not Seen In Winter?

Lizards are reptiles and like most reptiles, they are ‘cold-blooded’ or ‘ectotherms’. Coldblooded animals are those animals that cannot maintain their own body temperatures. They are the same temperature as the atmosphere and so have difficulties in staying warm. They need an external heat source to maintain their body temperature. Quick Navigation BackgroundWhere do Lizards Hibernate […]

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