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7 Differences: Leopard Gecko vs Bearded Dragon

Are you wondering what the differences are between a Bearded Dragon (Click here to see how this guide can help you avoid making critical errors with your Bearded Dragon) and a Leopard Gecko? Well if yes, you are in the right place. I will be breaking this down looking at 7 different factors. What are […]

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How bad is a leopard gecko bite?

Getting a Leopard Gecko bite sounds scary, right? But how bad is this bite, and is it something to worried about? Well in this article I will reveal the answer. How bad is a leopard gecko bite? Not bad. A Leopard Gecko’s bit is not that bad when you compare it to other lizards, such […]

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9 Weird Crested Gecko Noises & Behaviors

Crested Geckos make some weird noises, right? Well, there is a reason for most of these noises, as well as their behaviors (Click here for my best Crested Gecko Guide, on Amazon). For that reason I am gong to explain exactly what these are now for you in this article, focusing on 9 of their […]

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Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Human Contact?

Would you agree that t would be good to know if your Bearded Dragon actually enjoyed your human contact (Click here to see my best Bearded Dragon manual)? Well, this is what I thought, and for this reason I will reveal if they really do enjoy your contact, and more importantly when to give them […]

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Are Bearded Dragons Social (or Weird Introverts?)

Maybe you’re thinking about keeping bearded dragon lizards as pets (Click here to see why I feel that this guide is mandatory for Bearded Dragon owners). Should you get one or multiple lizards? Do bearded dragons enjoy being social? Or are they introverted loners? Let’s find out. So, are bearded dragons social lizards? The average […]

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Vivarium vs Terrarium (What is the Difference?)

Vivariums and Terrariums are used interchangeably for lizard care. But what is the difference between these? In this article I will break this down and more. What is the difference between a Vivarium and a Terrarium? A vivarium has animal and plant life. Where as to a Terrarium which just has plant life. Many people […]

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