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Baby Anole Lizard (Diet, Facts, Care Sheet & Pictures)

If you are thinking of getting a Baby anole (click here to see why Anoles love this substrate) lizard, or considering breeding some Anoles and need an insight into their behaviour, diet, water requirements natural predators and more, you are in the right place. What is a Baby Anole Lizard? Baby Anoles are the offspring […]

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7 Weird Piebald Chameleon Facts

If you have ever wondered a Piebald Chameleon is and what the difference is to the conventional veiled chameleon, you are in the right place. I had this same question in my head and decided to put this article together for you. What is the Piebald Chameleon? A Piebald Chameleon is, for example, a Veiled […]

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What Happens When a Chameleon Bites You?

If you ever wondered what happens when a Chameleon bites, you are in the right place. I wondered how bad this bite can be and what risks it presents to humans. Read this article to discover. What happens when a Chameleon Bites You? A chameleon bite is really not that bad. It is definitely not […]

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7 Best Small Pet Iguana Species (With Pictures)

Are you looking for a pocket-sized Iguana that you can car for (Click here for my best UV bulb for small Iguana’s on Amazon)? Unfortunately, Iguana’s are typically quite big. However, there are some exceptions to this, which I will break down for you in this article. What is the smallest pet Iguana? The Spiny […]

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How to Handle an Aggressive Leopard Gecko?

Hove you got an aggressive Gecko and need some advice on how to deal with it? Well, you are in the right place, I will explain why this may be happening and how to deal with it. How to Handle an Aggressive Leopard Gecko? You need gain their trust first and identify if they have […]

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