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Where Do House Geckos Hide?

Are you wondering where house Geckos may hide out in your house? Well, this is something many people consider or wonder. Let me help you and provide some answers. Where Do House Geckos Hide? You can typically find house geckos hiding in houses that have insect infestations. Often hide in crevices, under sinks, behind cupboards, […]

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What Do Lizards Eat in the Desert? (Really?)

If you are like me, you may be thinking how can a lizard survive in the desert and what do they even eat? Well, let me explain this to you now. What do lizards eat in the desert? Depending on their species, they can eat insects, small animals, and even other lizards, even including their […]

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Do Lizards Eat Bed Bugs?

If you have ever had bed bugs or have them now, you will do anything to get rid of them. But are lizards the answer? That is the question that I will be answering today. Do lizards eat bed bugs? Yes, they do bed bugs. Especially the house lizards (geckos). However, they are not a […]

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Where are Veiled Chameleons from?

If you are interested in Veiled Chameleons, in particular where they come from, you are in the right place. Let me get straight to it. Where are veiled chameleons from? The Veiled Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) is a species of the Chameleon and native to Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is also known as the conehead […]

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Will Chinese Water Dragons Eat Dead Crickets?

If you own or thinking of keeping a Chinese Water Dragon maybe you are interested to know if you could save some effort or money and check if they will eat dead instead of living crickets. Let me explain. Will Chinese water dragons eat dead crickets? Yes, they will definitely eat dead crickets. However, this […]

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